Hello! My name is Heather Neufeld. I started my homeschooling journey in Arizona in 2002. At that time, there were only two baby birds in my nest. Over the next several years we added two more and moved our nest to Texas. Our first two have since graduated and gone on to college. I have been serving the homeschool community here in San Antonio in different roles for the past 3 years.

I know this homeschool journey from many angles. Homeschooling Preschoolers through High Schoolers? Been there, done that. Homeschooling with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in the mix? Those were the days! Homeschooling with a chronic illness? Unfortunately, yes. Homeschooling Kindergarten and Senior year at the same time with a couple of kids in between? Oh boy! That was trippy. On the verge of giving up Homeschooling? I even had them on a list for a charter school for a couple of years! Homeschooling kids with special needs? All my kids are special, some more than others! Homeschooling and working part-time outside the home? It can be done! I’ve worked my way through these homeschooling seasons and I’d love to share what I learned with you!

The Homeschool Specialist website was born out of my desire to help families find confidence and clarity in their homeschool journey. The blog will share my personal experiences in an effort to encourage you. The services I offer will be a way to connect with me personally for one on one consultations and group workshop settings.